lørdag 16. juni 2012

The great Himalaya!

The start of something BIG!

   At the airport in Pokhara. Ready fro takeoff.

 Agni Air. So glad that I'm not afraid of flying. I probably should have been cause about a month after we got home, this exact plain crashed in to the mountains and 15 people died. Thats so sad and fucking scary!

 Our lovely stuartiss

 The first glimts of the huge white thing! Flying in a walley surrounded by these amazing huge rocks was simply awesome!


On the horses riding the himalaya. And off corse they all got new norwegian names. They did not quite listen, but they had there own system. Mine was the one who allways went second and if one of the other horses tried to go in front he squeesed hes way back.


We (humans and horses) had to cross this scary bridge to go to Tenzings willage.

Oh so happy! Doing the happydance :D

 Calle entering the bow and arrow festival. he actually didnt do that bad. well, he didnt make the mark but the arrow went half way.


Tenzings beautiful family. Those tibetan kids are still soooo cute!

Peek a boo!

Monica, I am sooo sorry but I just had to put this picture here. You can kill me later.
So fynny taking a pee!
We all got blessed scarf :)

What can I say.. Enjoying the wew!

Calle got the cool horse who had a need for speed!

Stay cool

Kristin and Monica :)

7/11 or just a tiny tiny shop with overpriced inportet candy.

Yac Donalds burger taste nothing like the other Donalds burger.. :p

Mr.Yak Donald

 Food mania! We ordered half the menu. And it was a pretty big one.

Kristin found nipplecovers.
Just what we where looking for!

Three norwegian moviestars apparently.

Been riding all day and in a little willage in the mountains at 3800m we find Nirvana. Reggea music playing loud and people smoking like it was the 70's

After freezing my ass off all night and throwing up all morning.
Probably because of the hight.

Gia started the monkeytrend!

And the others followed!

Yacwollskarf saves the day again!

Just walkin ma chickens

It's an ok wew to wake up to ;) Like I said, Nirvana!

I have no commenst for this picture...

The cutest litte moooo! <3 

This was the end of our journey. I have so many more pictures and so many more stories to tell, but I hate sorting out pictures for the blog and trying to remember stuff so this is what u get and if you are hungry for more stop by and I will have a show and tell ;)

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