onsdag 18. juli 2012

Diningtable makeover

 This was my table when I bought it used on Grey, damaged and boring! In desperat need of some fixerupper!

Painted it white. Just one stroke because I simply didnt need two :P Spraypainted the table legs white. Should have used spraypaint on the whole table, its so fucking easy!

 My choice of cartoons: Old superhero! Batman, wonderwomen and so on...

 Then the boring tiering part. Cutting all the cool pictures out. You always need way more then u think so when u think u are done cutting, think again!

 Decupage it on and decupage over a couple of times cause it will losen a bit. And since this was my first time glueing cartoons to a table it looks a litte like a child has gone bananas!

 Well, most of the paper is stuck but it is a little bubbly. Pray for the bubbles to suddenly dissapear :P (it probably wont, but fuck it)

Three cotes of clear floorpaint later and it looks like this:

I am wery happy with the look of it, but the finish is not what it should have been. 
Note to next time: Use another type of glue! Decupage sucks! 

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  1. Svar
    1. Takk fina! Det er gøy å lage ting altså!

  2. Awesome !! Flinke tremeningen! Elsker stilen din <3 (Se, jeg kommenterer!! Nå kan du se at jeg er her :D)

    1. Liker at du kommenterer! :D Det er så få som gjør det. Jeg har en del lesere, men kommentarer og tilbakemelding er det lite av gitt.

  3. Kul idé, og cred for å lese tegneserier.