torsdag 24. mai 2012

In the jungle, the mighty jungle!

This looks NOTHING like the start of Jurassic Park 4...

The Camp! Pretty cool spot! But you can't tell people to keep the doors shut so that all the bugs stay out, and then make the doors with a 5cm gap at the bottom!!! They also told us to stay inside if we heard animals, as Rhinos frequently passed through the camp at night. Djisus!

The beautiful little beach! Situated on the river full of crocodiles... Such a safe place to bring the kids.

Me. Looking at some stuff.

Calle. Falling in love with an elephant. (Proboably the reason he left me)

Chillin' out maxin', ridin' sum elephunts man!

Cool/scary jungle shit.

Eagle! Mighty awesome!

Me inspecting Calles new flame.

Namaste Elephant! Such a cool little trick :) They seemed happy.

I have to remember to write down names! This was our guide. He rocked! At the moment looking for rhinos. We where supposed to be bird watching, but I think he realised that the huge grey tanks would be more fun.

Tiger track! It was pretty damn big. Suposedly they saw the tiger sleeping on the beach just minutes before we got there.

Huge grey tank! Soooooooo cool! Pictures cant show how light it is on it's feet. It walks like a ballerina!

Rhino hunting is tiering, so I utilized my own rhino for transport. Man that dude is strong! Carried me for 15 minutes, in the jungle, in the heat!

Bathing the elephants :D It was amazing... Just nice to be so close to this huge and kind animal. What you are not seeing, is me being hurled of this big thing in just a few seconds! The trainers make them dive in and throw us off.

Calle however survied the attack, and left the elephant trainer behind to claim victory over the jungle! Daddy Fossum in front getting pwnd to the face.

Splashed to the face.

Millie survived after facing her fears and trying it out!

Mommy and Daddy Fossum happy after they where offered a senior citizen discount. Also, they where aked to pose for the cover of Old White Tourist magazine.

Rhinos again! This time running away from a mexican standoff with our jeep. It was insane!

Crocodile River

Simply beautiful picture! A part of me is still expecting a huge crocodile to bite the boat in half ;)

 We be moving on to the mountains yall!

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