onsdag 23. mai 2012

Pokhara, I love you more!

Starting the Himalaya trip by flying over Phokara.

Inspecting the spot. About to strap in and fly some paraglider :D

"When I say run..RUN..!"

I believe I can believe I can touch the sky!

 How to look stupid on camera! Djises! Your in the fucking air and he drags out a camera and says pose. This is the result...

AFTER we landed they told us a guy from a different company landed in that lake right there, as the landing spot is on the very edge. Scaaary flying in!

We however stayed away from the lake, and could pull of a much better "ground-pose" that looks totally not stupid.

By myself on the other hand.. From now on I will be known as "The Retard-Poser".

Taking a dip in Barahi Hotel pool.


Who is this pale and red creature sifting through the waters? Is it a whale? Is it a walrus? Is it another huge fat water animal?

Aaaaaalmost theeeeere...

 (Like you guys havent tried the Dirty Dancing moves in a swimmingpool in Nepal)

One very happy tibetan! All it took was a ball.

We never figured out what that fat sea-monster was all about, but it was magnificent!

Now lets go get scared shitless in a tiny airplane...

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