søndag 20. mai 2012

Adventure Land! The Beginning...


Its about time I write the rest of my trawelling blog. I have been home for over a month now :p
The reason for my way to late blogging is that just a few days after we arrived back in Oslo my boyfriend, Carl-Magnus, decided that we where not gonna be a couple anymore. That sucked! I have used the last weeks looking for an appartment and being a zombie. Now its about fucking time I finished this shit! ;)

Back In Kathmandu!

 Mr. Mush Mush (Tenzing) Brought us to his home to learn how to make momos and dahl bhaat. Hes beautiful girlfriend was doing most of the cooking, but she had a hell of an audience ;)

Dinner and a show!

We went out for dinner with Anne-Marthe and Carolines "Didi". Didi is nepali for "Big-Sister", and she takes care of the two girls. She was sooo nice and funny :) The husband and daughter where also there!

 Thats the coolest housekeeper I have ever seen ;) And strongest!

 Daddy Fossum having a deep interesting conversation with beautiful Leila Hafzi. Correction: Daddy Fossum is as ALWAYS having a deep interesting conversation with ANYONE! This time it happens to be Leila that was sitting across the table.

Words are not enough! The birth of Calles obsession with a panda-hat.. He actually wore it for work when they where shooting outside!!

Rafting and Royal beach!

Rafting is wet so I couldnt bring my camera and thats why I have no picture proof. You can choose not to believe me, but we rafted two days in the river Trisoli. Pictures are out there somewhere, I just don't have them.

 Royal Beach! It was magical. Sitting by the bonfire in the sand at nigth listening to a crazy nepali rafting guide singing to a japanese/english song called butterfly. This place is fucking great!

Carl-Magnus trying to do the eskimoroll in a kajakk. He didnt quite make it, but he did the guitarroll after he remembered that there was an easier one he could do.

When you cant join the fun of kajakking and swallow tons of dirty brown water, take pictures of the ones who do.

 Mr. Cool!

And a little bit Mr. Brave! Tsering also attempted the rolls :) Hard stuff!  

 I found my self a friend. I forgot to name him, so its Mr. Stray Dogg.

 No fun without doing some damage! Note the "light" spot on CM's head ;P

Daddy got wet! Son is so proud.

 And so did Mush! We where a brilliant team. I made sure to get all the non waterproof stuff away and CM got them in the wather!

A few of the pictures here come from this genious dude :)

 Cannabis growing on the beach.

 After swallowing tons of this wather, CM was not that happy about a dead cow floating by...

So after 2 days of riverrafting, swimming and good times at the beach, we where on a bus on our way to the jungle.

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  1. Så synd å høre om CM Gianna, håper det går litt bedre med deg nå?
    Ser hvertfall ut som dere hadde en fantastisk tur! Nepal ser helt utrolig ut... :)

    Klem M.