mandag 26. mars 2012

Kathmandu, who are you?

In a hotel room in Kathmandu....


We have been in Kathmandu for three days now. Many things have been learned and seen.

To go to Thamel (the tourist area in Kathmandu) we have to cross a river. This river is made of garbage and sewer and yes, it smells that bad! And people live in this shit! You really get a reality check here! If you look closely at the water, you can see that it's divided in two colors. The grey color on the left comes from raw sewage pouring out just 50 meters away.

A little Lee in Thamel

Calle (the video producer he is) demanded that I take a picture of someone using a RED camera for a TV production.. So far the only picture request he has had on the trip :P

 OR2K - The israeli vegetarian hippie café :) Sitting on the floor, being totally comfortable and looking at the hippie parents with massive dreads at the next table. Raising a kid here is gonna make them a flower-child for shure! I would like to do that some day.. (without the dreads that is)

 Some har(d)core lovin' in Nepal

"Monkey Temple" - It sits on top of the city, and has a great view! At least you can imagine it having a great view behind the smog and dust! Haha! It also has a shitload of semi-aggressive monkeys and fighting street dogs. Pretty awesome in other words! So much more fun than standing in line with fat german tourists looking at well behaved monkeys in a cage at some stupid zoo.

I don't remember exactly what Tsering said about the flags, but they have prayers written on them. They call them the wind horses because of the meaning of the prayer. This is a buddhist tradition, and not typical nepali.

 Monkey poo, i love you! Hahahahahaha! Watch your step..

Sleeping beauty. He was sleeping on the edge of the temple with a very long way down. He had the perfect view of Kathmandu. The locals looked at us like idiots while we where taking tons of pictures of shabby street dogs!

This is Tsering. He is Calles brother from a tibetan mother, and he is the absolute nices guy ever. He loves to take photos. He is teaching me some things so that i hopefully take even better pictures as the trip goes on. Love hanging out with this guy, he is so relaxed and funny.

Calle with a d*** enhancing lens ;) He borrowed it from Tsering, and went from not wanting to take pictures to not wanting to talk to anyone and take pictures instead. Weird guy.

Everything is so fucking well done! Statues, sculptures, masks, carvings both in wood and stone and the temples. Beautiful handmade and really old! To many to show all the pictures, but i like this guy.

This is part of the stairs to get up to the temple. And by part i mean a little more than half.. Luckily you can get all the way up in a taxi on the backside of the hill ;) Walking down is so much easier (but so much scarier).

Sundown allways pretty...

Buddhist munk praying by spinning the prayer wheels.

Cute girl praying by spinning the prayer wheels. Soooo many cute kids in Nepal!! OMG! Calle, why you not nepali??


Again, CUTE! They where street kids, and kept following us to ask for money. Calle tried to say he diden't bring any money, but they refused to belive him because they could see his wallet sticking out of his pocket. It's very very hard not to give money when you meet these type of kids, but we have been told that it makes the problem worse and we shoulden't give them. Maybe adopt?

This is one of the holiest statues for the buddhists. Thats why they have this fancy fence to guard it. Again i don't remember all the facts, because Tsering has ALOT of them! It's very interesting, but hard to remember..

A little shy, but she posed like a princess. However I liked her best when she acted natural :)

This girl just stole my heart!

Riding a tibetan snow lion. Oh so happy!

Monkeys also enjoy the view. I bet they come here to meditate and think about the meaning of life. Right after they get tired of trying to steal your food, fight dogs, fight you and shit in the street.

Stay tuned....

Seeeee yah!

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  1. Fantastisk! Må nok dra til både Nepal og Tibet en dag i nær fremtid.

    1. Nydelig(e) land og fantastiske folk! så det støtter jeg deg i ;)

  2. Kjempefin blogg - veldig gøy å følge med! Lærerik, og nydelige bilder (du er god på å se motiver og detaljer, Gianna)! Nyt dagene videre!!!