lørdag 24. mars 2012

Nepal bound

15 hours travellig time! Here we goooo...


First fligth is from Oslo, Norway to Moscow, Russia

Something something Burger king ...

The Moscow airport was scary as shit! No one smiled, and the passport lady looked at us like we where criminals. She looked at my passport, then up on me... then down on the passport, then up on me... (repeat these 2 steps 50 times). Calle however actually made her smile with a joke about his hair now all being on his face instead of his head, in contrast to his passport picture. God damn amazing!
Second leg of the trip goes from Moscow to Dehli, India.

Timon and Pumba in russian.. Very interesting, but not very entertaining.

The food however was entertaining, but not so interesting. Also, three meals from an airplane leaves your stomach a little.. "ehh".. ;)

Traveling buddy! Love that guy...

I bought chips with cucumber and dill taste, that ACTUALLY tasted like cucumber and dill.
Not my best choice..

Then we move on to the chips with crab taste.. They tasted not only crab meat, but everything the crab lives in. Like seawater and mud. REALLY not my best choice!

I tried reading Agatha Christies "And then there where none", but they turned off all the lightes so that wasen't possible anymore.. Darn! I was sooo ready to read for the first time in many years. Only one thing to do when you can't read and don't want to sleep... Breakfast at Tiffanys on the mac! Praying my battery doesn't disapoint me.


What I learned about Dehli airport in New Dehli, India: Indians like it BIG and comfy. They also have way to many employes in one position. We where like 30 passengers waiting for our boardingpass to transfer, and there were 40 employes at the airport standing behind the desk doing nothing :P They also liked my tattoo, and they smile a LOT! specially if you smile first :)

I also learned that Calle is in love with Indian food.. He tasted everything he could see on the restaurant buffet at the airport. There was another group of norwegians there, and they chose to eat at McDonalds... Idiots.

Kathmandu, i think i love you!

This is a highway on the ring road of Kathmandu. The trafic was fucking INSANE! They honk even more than italians do! However, I was pleased to see that they have good taste in music (check out the bumper sticker on the grey car!)

As we came closer to downtown, the roads narrowed and became one way streets. At least thats what we would call a one way street in Oslo. Nepalies choose to call them two-cars-three-motorbikes-one-bicycle-and-an-old-rickshaw-streets. Crazy people..

I also saw more stray dogs in 10 minutes than i can count on both hands.

We are staying at Hotel Vajra, a beautiful oasis in the middle of messy, noisy, dirty (and awesome) Kathmandu!

As i said: Oasis!

On our way to dinner with the norwegian/nepali/tibetan-gang

First we had to stop to get a massage. After 15 hours of waiting and flying, it was fucking great to have a 60 minute ayurvedic massage with hot oil! even my tits got pampered! I bet that lady felt lucky too ;)

Boyfriends totaly cool sister (Didi in nepali) Anne-Marthe. She lives in Nepal for the moment. It's good to have someone to show you where to eat, so you don't get the "nepali quickstep". You can figure our what that is for yourself ;)

Dead bug colony right above my food, just the way I like it! :P

Tenzing (Only thing missing here is the "Oh Snap" finger-movement)
He also goes under the alias "Tibetan Don Johnson".

Restaurant inventory. He actually pissed on one of the chairs as we where leaving! Hahaha! I love Nepal!

After just one day, i feel sort of like home here. There might be something in the air.. (In addition to the dust and smog that is!)

Stay posted!

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  1. Gratulerer med at dere kom helskinnet frem, gleder meg til å følge med her :D

  2. Å, godt å høre at dere har kommet vel fram og at dere trives!!! Kjempegøy å lese og se bilder! Gleder meg til fortsettelsen! Kos dere masse! Klemmer fra vårs:)

  3. Hahahaha!! Dødsbra innlegg!! Lo flere ganger :D :D :D Her var det likosm så mye som var galt men alikevel helt riktig xD Agurk OG krappe potetgull!? Trafikken!? Oljemassesje også på tittsa!!?? Ehh.. hehe.. nei.. gidder ikke spørre jeg, haha :P Dyrekoloni rett over maten og bikkje som pisser på stolene!?!? Høres ut som Benidorm, der min fars familie holder til, så hadde følt meg hjelt hjemme der jeg!! Det er bare visse mennesker som kan sette pris på sær mat, trafikkstøy og støv, innsekter og løsbikkjer, det har liksom sin helt egen sjarm, haha :D

    Gleder meg til flere oppdateringer!! Kos dere masse :)

  4. Ps: Profilbildet ditt er helt rått!! Skulle gjerne hatt lignende bilder av meg selv!! Skal få til det når jeg blir frisk azzzz ;)

    1. Takk :) Moro å ha noen sånne bilder å se tilbake på når man er gammel og grå :) Syk?

  5. Takk for fine tilbakemeldinger folks ;) De kutter strømmen her når sola er oppe og når den er på så er wifien lite samarbeidsvillig. Litt vanskelig å blogge under disse forholdene :P Stay tuned!